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Feeding cats and dogs treats off your plate and tea could kill them


MILLIONS of cats and dogs face deadly health risks because devoted animal lovers are giving them treats off their plates and pouring them morning cuppas.

Almost two-thirds of pet owners admit feeding their cherished animals left-overs that can kill or cause serious illnesses.

A new survey today reveals the levels of ignorance among animal lovers when it comes to feeding every day foods and drinks to cherished cats and dogs.

Even a morning cup of tea or an afternoon coffee can pose a threat to an animal, and yet around a million dog owners say they are letting their animals have stimulating drinks.

Only half a cup of tea or a quarter cup of coffee is enough to give a dog the size of a small terrier a digestive upset.

Animal health

Animal Health

A pet drinking five teas or two coffees will have consumed life threatening doses.

Up to 7 million owners admit they feed the animals human foods, reveals research released by pet food manufacturer Webbox.

While chocolate and raisins are well known to be a danger to animals, 20 per cent of owners admit feeding their animals such dangerous snacks.

Chocolate contains theobromine, a chemical which both dogs and cats find difficult metabolising and can causes seizures and heart attacks.

What may come as a surprise to cat owners is their pets are often lactose intolerant, meaning dairy products such as milk and cream can cause gastrointestinal problems.

Research shows as many as 1.4 million owners are feeding their pets milk and cream as treats.

To give owners a better understanding of pet dietary no-nos, Webbox has produced an online quiz with vet-approved advice to spell out what cats and dogs can be given and those foods to be avoided.

Jennifer Dean, a nutritionist for Webbox, said: “Pets are increasingly treated as members of the family, but this does not mean that they can share the family meals