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The Availability Of iPhone X Continues To Improve


The availability of iPhone X continues to improve. The Apple Online Store is now reporting 2-3 week delivery estimates for new iPhone X orders, across both Space Gray and Silver colors on all carriers. Reports indicated that iPhone X supply would be improving throughout November, after the initial production holdups, and that is certainly corroborated here.

It’s also true that the rush of early adopter demand for the phone has likely waned at this point, although the holiday shopping season is always a busy period for iPhones sales.

If you are still waiting for your order to arrive, it’s probably best to sit tight. We keep hearing from readers with orders that originally promised December shipments that they were being brought forward.

If you are still on the hunt for an iPhone X, be sure to check the Apple Store app every morning for in-store pickup opportunities. Most Apple Store receive new iPhone X deliveries every day to give out to customers through in-store pickup. You can also try third-party retailers and carrier stores, which get new stock frequently.