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Real Madrid are crying out for a more incisive striker than Benzema


The Clasico is more than a match.

For everyone.

The value of the points, the psychological level, the feelings and sensations… it elevates and conditions players.

It’s true that football is a team sport, that the reasons for defeat can’t all fall on the Frenchman’s shoulders, but the team is crying out for a more incisive striker than Karim Benzema.

Someone with more presence, more potency, more of everything.

Benzema has an exquisite touch, genuine quality and a great vision of the game like few strikers, but on Saturday, Madrid couldn’t afford to carry him as a passenger.

He’s always had a problem, in that if he doesn’t have the ball, if the team doesn’t pass to him or he’s not inspired, he rarely has a presence in a match.

Not a nuisance for defenders, Benzema doesn’t pressurise aggressively nor likes to get his hands dirty… in short, he’s no Suarez.

To top it off, he’s no longer a goal threat.

Zinedine Zidane has alternatives and must use them to give another boost to the team, because right now Benzema isn’t at the level to be a starter and stop players like Marco Asensio or Gareth Bale from claiming a starting berth.

If you bench Isco, then the same must apply to the French centre-forward.

The Estadio Santiago Bernabeu whistled at the No.9 because they simply don’t see him anywhere close to his best.

Whilst waiting for that best version to arrive, a little time spent on the bench wouldn’t hurt.

Source: www.marca.com