There are lots of professional FIFA 18 players on social media as well as streaming sites, but which ones should you follow to help your game?

eSports is one of the quickest growing industries in the world, with many people living their childhood dreams of getting paid to play video games all day.FIFA is one of the biggest and best games in the eSports community, with the football simulation hosting numerous huge competitions each year. The total prize money for the FUT Championship 2017 was $400,000, with the FIFA Interactive World Cup also offering $268,000 in prize money among the top finishers.

Many top-flight clubs across Europe have also founded eSports branches of their teams, with PSG, Schalke and Fenerbahce all founding eSports divisions.

Goal takes a look at which eSports stars you should follow on Twitter and who the Best FIFA YouTubers are to subscribe to!

Many of the best FIFA 18 players to follow on YouTube are people who give tutorials on how to improve your own gaming, teaching tactics and skills to help you win more games – especially in the ultra-competitive weekend league (FUT Champions mode).

Some of these YouTubers might not be the most successful players, but in the words of Irish playwright George Bernard Shaw: “He who can, does; he who cannot, teaches.”

Other YouTubers review players in FIFA Ultimate Team, pointing out who are undervalued stars (known in the community as cheap beasts) or excellent buys from lesser heralded leagues across the world.

You will also find plenty of videos of people purchasing packs, which can either turn you off spending real money on FIFA or else encourage you to splurge in the hope of opening Team of the Year Cristiano Ronaldo!

Unlike YouTube, Twitter is not just for watching people play FIFA 18, but for also finding out the latest news about the game – including updates on Team of the Week, ICONs, Marquee Matchup predictions and getting tips on when to invest or sell players.

EA Sports FIFA is a very good Twitter account with all the official information, but sometimes does not have all the updates as soon as they go live, so it is worthwhile following some of the Twitter accounts below to keep up to date with everything that’s happening in FIFA 18.

As well, you can also keep an eye on how top eSports stars are performing, and see them in action at international FIFA 18 tournaments.

Amazingly, playing FIFA full-time is becoming more and more profitable. Aside from the advertising revenue that can be gained from streaming on Twitch or Youtube, you can now win thousands from competing in tournaments.

Huge Gorilla earned a quarter of a million dollars last year following his victory in the FUT Championship, and with so much prize money on offer, it is no wonder that many professional people have given up their day jobs to concentrate on playing FIFA 18 all day, every day!