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Tron is Prepped to Rise as the Herald of Internet 4.0


There are few cryptocurrency programs with loftier goals than Tron. Led by Justin Sun, the Tron Foundation seeks to create the next generation of Internet entertainment. No longer based on centralized servers and gated content, the Tron ecosystem would allow entertainment to be stored directly on their blockchain. Users would have access to their favorite content creators in a way that could not be regulated by a third-party content host. The Tron Foundation envisions this system as operating within their blockchain software, with sub-tokens available on their own standard – similar to what we see now with Ethereum.

Tron exploded onto the scene during the Christmas rush, going from $0.04 per Tronix token to $0.25 in a week. Once the current correction is over, there’s no reason to think that TRX will not recover to previous highs. They continue to announce active partnerships and pursue an aggressive rollout of their full blockchain, both of which will substantially increase the value of the coin.

Tron’s Technological Roadmap and Path to Success

We are only now entering the beginning stages of Tron’s roadmap, as they prepare to release their MainNet. Justin Sun and his team have outlined an ambitious six stage implementation for the full Tron network, starting soon with the ‘Exodus’ phase. This first phase involves launching a file sharing service as a proof-of-concept for the full Tron blockchain. Shortly, we can expect the second phase, ‘Odyssey,’ to launch – a concentrated effort by the Tron team to attract content creators to their network.

From there, they will have a solid base on which to expand and fully realize their stated goals. This includes an internal economy in which users can create their currencies, and integrate gaming within the blockchain itself. This would allow a free transfer of currencies in and out of the Tron network – fully monetizing the virtual currency therein.

The Upcoming MainNet Launch

Justin Sun recently announced that Tron’s MainNet would launch as a test platform at the very end of Q1 2018 – March 31st. As it stands, we are still in the prototyping phase of the Tron protocol, which means that the price per unit of their cryptotoken TRX is still low. This is likely to change rapidly with the release of the MainNet, given the value placed on cryptocurrencies with a provable, working product. After that, there may be a chance to get in at an elevated price as Tron perfects their MainNet features and operation. However, the ‘Odyssey’ phase of direct marketing and content creator adoption should shatter that plateau and spur significant growth.

The Market’s Treatment of Tron

The Tron Foundation has shown a very active marketing arm, spearheaded by their charismatic leader Justin Sun. That brought them directly to the forefront of the cryptosphere and allowed their meteoric rise at the end of the last year. Now that the market has settled, Tron still has a substantial value backing to drive them forward;

• Rapidly approaching the launch of their MainNet.

• Constant acquisition of new partnerships.

• A realistic roadmap that outlines their exact plans for implementation.

• A strong development team made up of established cryptocurrency experts.

• A blockchain designed to create new coin protocols.

When Tron delivers on their MainNet launch at the end of March, any skeptics will finally be put to rest, and Tron’s market value will adjust to match. As content creators flock to the new network, the TRX token will come at a premium – everyone will be using the currency to support the fan economy of the first phases. TRX has already proven it can reach $0.25, or almost 600% of where it is sitting right now. With an operational product and an active user base, we may very well see Tron rise above and into new heights.