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Koinex completes 30 million TRON [TRX] transactions in less than a day, but customers are still unhappy


Koinex, an exchange platform based in India recently added TRON to its trading currency list which delighted many of its supporters. There is no surprise by the way it was received in the past 24 hours, completing 30 TRX million transactions.

Well, this is the power of India with an added advantage of a crazy population.

Koinex was founded by a bunch of Indian engineers a few years back and is probably the most advanced exchange platform existing in the country. They have been ruling the trade market for a fair amount of time now. With frequent upgrades and a good customer service system, it has emerged as one of the most reliable and accessible platforms.

A Twitterati says:

“Tron just got listed in India on Koinex. Hindi accounts for almost 40-45% of the Indian population. It could potentially open one of the biggest markets for $trx or any other crypto for that matter.”

The 30 million tokens trade is insane for sure, but users have been sulking and complaining about the speed and few other minor issues since yesterday. The transactions were pretty slow and took a lot of time to process. This has instilled a slight fear and has kept users anxious throughout the process as there has been a lot of delay with the withdrawals and reception.

Dattatrya Narsale tweeted addressing a similar issue:

“Hello koinex, I haven’t received my withdrawal payment of 3600 INR yet. Will u please address my problem ticket number = XXXX4.”

Another frustrated trader, Mounika tweeted to Koinex a while ago:

“When i raise a ticket, i get a message that says our representative will reach within three days. Yet, I am facing the same issue. Could you please help me with this? Why are you doing this with us? From past two weeks I am facing the same issue and nobody is helping.”

The Koinex team has been constantly replying all the concerns of the customers. But customers are expecting faster and hassle-free transactions for a smooth trading process.