Home Tech TRX token (TRON) might experience amazing rise this year after Testnet launch

TRX token (TRON) might experience amazing rise this year after Testnet launch


The last 24 hours have been incredible for Tron; the company recently started to have an increasing tendency of an 8 percent gains; a fact that actually might be even better after the highly regarded launch of Testnet, which is likely to happen soon.

Tron has all of the features that seem to prognostic an excellent landscape for the token, but, is this Testnet launch move, enough for guaranteeing success? Or on the other hand, will it collapse after the company launches Testnet finally?

Whether the answers to these questions are positive or negative, the company looks forward to maintaining the good work, although we all can agree that the path will not be easy, especially, since the market in the past 12 months in the United States (and all over the world) has been very motionless.

The current panorama for the Tronix token

Tron started the day with its token pricing at 0.045224 dollars, an amount that in a short time changed drastically to $0.049519, so basically, the company accomplished a fantastic increase of 8 percent in just a couple of hours – a goal that for most of the coins takes at least months.

However, there’s still not any warranty establishing the prices will continue rising after the company launch TestNet, in fact, many seem to be concerned about how the future will be for the token.

Moreover, due to the excessive stockpile of the token, the coin is more vulnerable to suffer attacks so that we could be seeing in the near future a price dealing with whale ambushes.

The general performance of the Tron token

Tronix token has shown an overall positive performance, in fact, the behavior of the coin has been so much better than other cryptocurrencies in the market which indicate decreasing conducts, such as the case of Bitcoin.

Nevertheless, it is to be recalled that the Tronix coin has suffered as well some decreasing behaviors in the past, passing from $0.254791, the highest price the company has reached, to the last month standard price of $0.023708, which proves volatility is still a problem to be solved.

Whatsmore, with all the banning made by social media platforms and the pressures of the US government, the company may have to create innovative strategies in order to overcome such problems.

Notwithstanding, the company is based in China, and none of this measurements have an effect there, which means investors still have great business opportunities.

Similarly, some trading platforms listings like OTCBTC, predict a highly-increasing behavior for the company, even more after the company release TestNet, but even so, there are experts who consider Tron might be vulnerable to whale schemes, and because of this, they advise investors to be very careful while putting their investments on the platform.

In order to fight the security problems the company could face after the launching of Testnet, they have hired a group of engineers which are working tirelessly to ensure a safer environment for investors. Whether this turn into an effective solution or not, still remains a question.

The company still have a lot of things to determine, for instance, what strategies will they apply to compete in the market, who they can partner with in order to offer better services, or how will they fidelize their clients in a decreasing market. We know for a fact that they won’t have an easy path, but if they manage to solve this questions we can see a great near future for the token.