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NEO Price Continues To Remain Stable Amid Uncertain Markets


Known as the Ethereum of China, NEO has been a currency which has been evolving with every passing month. Ever since it got re-branded from Antshares to NEO, the currency has been performing really well. NEO’s growth late last year was commendable and the currency has now become one of the top investment opportunities in the cryptocurrency markets. Let us take a closer look at how NEO prices have performed over the past 24 hours as well as the past week.

NEO has been very stable over the past 24 hours. The currency has shown a positive movement of 0.07% when you look at the opening and closing price, but has gone through some fluctuations over the day. NEO began the day at a price of $46.75 and closed the day at $46.92 – a seemingly stable day.

However, the real movement can be seen during the mid-day period when the currency suddenly spiked to $47.80. The lowest point the day came just before this peak at $45.84. These fluctuations too, are quite minor – and NEO’s day was very stable.

The week-long period too, hasn’t really had much of an excitement as NEO began the week at $48 and closed the week at $46.92. However, over the week, NEO’s price surged to a high of $54 – a momentum that it wasn’t able to capitalize on. Over the week, NEO’s market cap went from $3.14 Billion to $3.04 Billion – a loss of $100 Million over the week.

For those looking forward to invest in a relatively safe and stable cryptocurrency, there’s perhaps no better option than NEO. The currency is expected to boom over the next couple of months – a good investment opportunity for those planning to invest for a mid-term period.

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