Home Tech 2 Events That Will Benefit NEO Holders in 2018 Q2

2 Events That Will Benefit NEO Holders in 2018 Q2


“Chinese Ethereum”, otherwise known as NEO, will be a hot token to possess this quarter and everyone who owns NEO should hodl it because of benefits that are on the horizon for the token holders.

Upbit airdropping of GAS to NEO holders:

One of South Korea’s largest exchanges, Upbit, is planning to airdrop GAS to all NEO holders. The airdrop will be completed by May 2018. To qualify for the airdrop, a user is required to register with Upbit, and have a NEO balance whose snapshot will be taken every Friday between 21:00 hours to 22:00 hours Korean time. At the end of the snapshot, the total NEO held in each account will be calculated and then divided by the total NEO in Upbit and then multiplied by the number of GAS that will be airdropped.

This has made many NEO supporters begin searching for NEO to buy, which also rose the price of NEO to be above $92 at the end of April 29, 2018, due to high trading volume. At the time of this article, the price of a GAS is $31.20, and it has more than 11% gain within 24 hours.

The ASURA project that has initiated the ASA token on NEO blockchain:

Many investors are interested in the Asura project that offers a NEP-5 token with the name, ASA. Token holders will also receive an airdrop of the token 10 days after the completion of the Asura project. Gas fee is paid in the form of GAS which is a token through the purchase of NEO. In order to make a purchase for the ASA project, investors in the project are buying NEO instead of GAS; since they receive GAS for any purchase of NEO. The Asura project started on April 22,2018. A similar project to the Asura project is Ontology (ONT), a token launched on the NEO blockchain and had an impact on the prices of ONT and NEO within few months of existence.