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Coinbase Needs TRON (TRX)


There is one thing that Coinbase likes to do well… and that makes money for itself.  Unlike the likes of Binance, Coinbase fees are expensive.  Transactions to buy Bitcoin are steep. If I want to but one Bitcoin today at its current price, it will cost me a whopping £250 in fees.

But like many of you, I then take my Bitcoin to an exchange and transfer it into TRON or your other favorite altcoin.  So, in the long run, Coinbase loses out.  And it knows this.  That is why it needs to widen its scope in terms of its offerings.

There is much chitter chatter on whether Cardano or Stellar will be added, but if I was the CEO of Coinbase, I would seriously be looking at TRON in the near future. The thirst for acquiring TRON coupled with its potential in the decentralized arena make it a solid long-term value-driven project.  And this is what Coinbase needs to grow even bigger than its alleged $8B valuation.

By adding TRON, Coinbase can keep all the transactions on its platform.  Hopefully reducing fees at the same time, as the TRON community have this culture at heart.  I would happily buy TRON on Coinbase and store it there in my wallet for the long term.

The TRON leadership team will no doubt have Coinbase on their radar, but the question is will the other global exchanges pressure TRON not to use Coinbase.  This opens up the opportunity for another “Coinbase” type exchange to rear its head.

After all, as investors and customers, do we not require choice and the best bang for our buck?

Source: globalcoinreport.com