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Tron will soon be among the top 5 cryptos, here’s why


The coin market has observed a hike in the TRON value recently. At the moment the coin is enjoying the 14th position, and it looks like they are just getting better, and might just enter the top 5 coins list soon.

With the Testnet that was launched on March 31st, the project seems to be doing pretty well in the market. Ironically, when it was started, Justin Sun, the project lead was quite confident about the success of this project.

Over the last few weeks, excluding the very last week, the crypto market faced a downfall because of various reasons. One primary factor that brought about this fall is the social media ban against the crypto market. Most coins including Bitcoin faced the repercussions of this event. However, when the crypto market saw this fall, Tron strategically brought out the Testnet.

With such exciting news that came up, a lot of people started showing interest in Tron. By 31st May of this year, the project will turn fully functional, and Tron will be working towards a decentralized internet. Understandably, with this project coming into being, the coin will be attracting decentralized app developers as well.

The Tron team was also appreciated for the migration function that was tested recently. With this new system in place, it is possible for people to send content through the network. The transfer of content will happen person to person without any interferences. This is a feature that will give Tron a position in the entertainment industry as well as it rewards the ones who make content, and at the same time, it is made extremely easy to use for everyone.

Subsequently, the Project Genesis is a dream project and has the potential to attract many developers. Considering that, it seems like there will be serious competition between Tron and other companies like Ethereum that are doing really well. Tron’s project is highly rewarding, and the best part is that the rewards come in currency, which is sure to attract a lot of people towards it. The reward pool totals up to USD 2 billion, and also comes with an array of programs – which is a boost to the Tron community.

The platform is also gaining attention because of the centralized nature of the platform which gives control to its users to put up things, and take them down as well. This is an answer to all the issues that were brought up against the crypto market recently.

The company is also working towards making the platform efficient and user-friendly. Recently, they succeeded to debug the platform. This was quite promising to the customer as it pointed out to a hardworking team making sure that its customers can use the platform well.

To add on to all these new developments, Coinflip which is a provider of Bitcoin ATM has added TRX along with other coins, making it more accessible for its users from the United States to buy the coin from the ATM directly without much trouble.

With all of these developments, it looks like Tron will be seeing brighter days and will be one among the top in the market soon.

Source: globalcoinreport.com