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TRON [TRX] gains more supporters with BITKOP and Hydro Protocol


On May 24th, the Founder of TRON, Justin Sun tweeted confirming their partnership with Hydro Protocol and BITKOP, another decentralized trading platform. TRON has successfully been gaining support from all over the world to create a more ‘centralized trading experience’, especially with its upcoming Mainnet launch that is scheduled for the 31st of May.

The Hydro Protocol being one of them is an open-source network transport system that allows decentralized exchange on top of the Hydro network with its first off-chain machine engine DDEX. It is capable of settling trades at 50 times more speed than other trading platforms running on old generation nodes. DDEX is the largest peer-to-peer platform on the Ethereum network that accounts for 25% of its exchanges.

Hydro Protocol has spread out their helping hand to the TRON Foundation in working on the technology, development, matching methods, transport protocols and create open-source public blockchain. Both the network’s will, therefore, foster a more secure and transparent cross-trading of cryptocurrencies on the mainnet and use TRON’s high TPS to its full potential.

Recently, the Founder of TRON made his statements about their partnership by saying:

 “Hydro is a great venture into the P2P trading field and has performed very well on DDEX. We look forward to working with Hydro to provide traders and industry players a premium P2P trading experience through the TRON network.”

Bowen Wang, the co-founder of Hydro also put across his views saying:

“Hydro Protocol is a new generation P2P trading protocol that has always paid special attention to the development progress of VM-supported public blockchain and community.”

He later added saying that Hydro will not only cater to the Ethereum network but will be an active participant in exploring “next generation public blockchains” with ‘no fee’ features. BITKOP’s core team involves employees from top financial companies, with years of experience in data development and technology. It will be receiving equivalent TRX tokens after May 31st.

Next in news is today’s announcement of BITKOP joining in supporting the TRON network. Investors only need to deposit their TRX’s ERC-20 tokens to BITKOP by June 24th. The BITKOP network was established in 2017 and is Singapore’s user-friendly digital asset exchange. It now holds joint investment ventures from IDC Capital, Bit-Z and Huixiang Fund.