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TRON (TRX): Strategic partnership and Tron Virtual Machine today


TRON (TRX) continues to get support for its Mainnet launch on May 31, 2018. The crypto recently entered into a strategic partnership with Hydro Protocol and aims to create a new experience for users in P2P trading.

Announcing the partnership to the TRX community, CEO Justin Sun tweeted:

“We just launched a strategic partnership with Hydro Protocol! Hydro’s network transport protocol paired with TRON’s lightning fast TPS will provide users with a premium P2P trading experience”

The Hydro Protocol is an open-source network that provides the infrastructure necessary for building high level hybrid decentralized exchanges (DEX). The platform will make its DDEX available for TRX users, giving them an opportunity to experience off-chain matching. DDEX is capable of speeds that reach 50 times higher than previous decentralized exchanges. At the moment, the DDEX is the largest of P2P trading platforms on the Ethereum network.  It accounts for about 25% of the peer-to-peer exchanges on Ethereum.


By partnering, TRON (TRX) and Hydro should now be able to work towards improving and revamping the exchange. The teams will aim at making p2p trading a gratifying experience for users. Most of the work will go into the underlying technology, with an effort to make it better than the previous decentralized exchanges. Furthermore, the teams will also look to make matching methods more robust, and enhance the transport protocol.

TRON and Hydro will seek to provide the crypto industry a platform where users feel secure and benefit from transparent activities, at the same time providing cross-exchange liquidity.

Justin Sun commented on the partnership and said

“Trading speed is the main impediment to a more secure P2P trading experience. Hydro is a great venture into the P2P trading field and has performed very well on DDEX. We look forward to working with Hydro to provide traders and industry players a premium P2P trading experience through the TRON network.”

The TRON network will become an integral platform in the p2p industry and its users, expected to double in coming days, will be able to reap the benefits.

TRON virtual machine

TRON’s big moment will be on May 31, 2018, a date that has attracted a lot of attention from the TRX community. However, before the TRON moves from the Ethereum network to its own network, it will launch its own Virtual Machine.  The TronVM is launching today and will enable full compatibility with the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM). The importance of this launch is that it enables decentralized applications or dApps built on the Ethereum platform to seamlessly switch to TRON. It’s a big move that will aid in the integration of TRX assets on the stand-alone network.

After the mainnet, 1st June to 24th will be used as a testing period for migration. This will pave way for the genesis block scheduled for 25th June. And the following day will see the much anticipated Super Representative election. It’s a busy end of May and an even busier June. What the investors will be watching out for are the markets. If the crypto has to scale new heights, then this period will play a big role in that.

Will Justin Sun take TRON to the moon?

No one else has done a greater job than Justin Sun in reminding the world that TRON’s mainnet launch is imminent. Today he’s done it again, counting down, as always, to the seconds.

And as the clock counts down, TRON’s march to the top of cryptocurrency keeps building momentum. The main architect of this excitement is the CEO and founder Sun; whose enthusiasm about the crypto’s potential has galvanized a whole community.

Today he hasn’t wasted time in letting the community know that TRX/USD can now be tracked via the Apple stock app.


“Apple has officially included $TRX pricing! Just add TRX-USD to your Stocks app. 1B Apple users around the will be able to keep on top of #TRX market info. Come grow with us!”

His tweet attracted a lot of attention, with some confusing it with a partnership of sorts. It’s important to TRON to have TRX exposed to more people as it journeys towards adoption. And if there’s one person with the energy to take the crypto to the top 6, then Sun it is.

TRX/USD is trading at $0.072, down by 1% in the last 24 hours, but still in the green over the last 7 days with a price growth of +8%.


Source: stocksgazette.com