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The Past Few Days of TRON: How Things are Looking for TRX Holders


TRON has been one of the most popular cryptocurrencies of this year so far especially after when Bitcoin’s price chart went literally topsy-turvy in January 2018. Unlike most other cryptocurrencies that are currently traded across the world, TRON’s development team is extremely communicative with its community and investors across the world. It has been publishing its piecemeal progress on a weekly basis since its inception in September 2017. As a result, it is very easy to keep track with all the events associated with TRX and candidly speaking, this transparency is one of the main reasons behind its enormous popularity that is threatening even big guns like Bitcoin or Ethereum.

TRON’s development team has been working on the Mainnet launch, the date of which is getting closer rapidly, for a significantly long time. Manifestly, this phenomenon has been the cynosure among all TRX developments. However, other technical updates are not far behind as every week the TRX team is coming up with something unique and innovative implementations. In this article, the most significant developments happened in the past few days would be discussed to elucidate its current condition as well as its probable future by the end of this year.

Technical Developments:

The three aspects of TRON’s technical architecture namely the structure, the consensus, and the wallet have gone through some conspicuous changes in the past few days for offering an even more efficient blockchain platform for their users.  

  • Structural Developments: The TRX structure has been going through some problems regarding the RPC interface. According to the last TRX weekly report (from 19th May to 25th May), the issue regarding RPC interface has been sorted out completely for the transaction list. Moreover, the service of fixing bugs on network and synchronization module is still fully functional. However, the task of setting up stress tests is still in progress.
  • Consensus Updates: TRON development team has successfully completed the optimization of token freeze mechanism along with transfer token rule. Here too, the process of fixing bugs is still on-going. The development team is hopeful about finishing the testing of malicious witness behavior.
  • Wallet Development: The TRX team has optimized judgment logic for expired and repeated transactions. They have also completed implementing verification process for special field and contract validity. There are other wallet developments that are yet to be completed. Some of them include adding unit tests, using test tools for checking test coverage and adding length limitation to the account name.

Noteworthy Community Activities:

TRON’s community has gone through a significant number of new developments in the past few days. The majority of these updates concern the imminent super representative election. Some of these developments include:

  • Project Genesis Bonus Pool: Project Genesis was launched in March 2018, for the purpose of motivating TRON’s community engagement. On May 19th, Project Genesis announced a bonus pool of 2 billion dollars on which many active members of the TRON community have lent their supporting hands.
  • Super Representative Election: A significant number of organizations have been enlisted for the super representative election during last week. Some of the most reputed names include CryptoGirls (Six years of experience in application, mobile, and enterprise development), GSC (a Singapore based first new generation social chain used by billions of people), Next-Genius (The largest Chinese blockchain community along with a training centre in Australia), CryptoGuyInZA (13 years of experience in the IT field), Lianjinshu, SkyPeople, and many more. Also, OK Blockchain Capital has officially announced their desire to run for the super representative election.

Partnerships and Support:  

The TRX team has managed to commence quite a few lucrative partnerships along with gaining the support of some well-known cryptocurrency exchanges. Besides this, there have been some other major developments as well including:

  • Launch of TVM: The development team of TRX has finally launched the TVM (TRON Virtual Machine) which would be the foundation of TRON’s entire blockchain ecosystem.
  • Launch of TRON Wiki: TRON Wiki had been officially launched last week with all information about this cryptocurrency. This is likely to increase this digital coin’s purview significantly.
  • Strategic Partnerships: TRON has secured strategic partnerships with both Hydro Protocol and vSport for working closely with the upcoming technical developments and subsequent implementation of new features.
  • Unbridled Support: This currency acquired support from a significant number of exchanges in the past week. Some of these exchanges include Bithumb, Liqui, Upbit, DragonEx, RightBTC, and several others.

TRON’s Current Situation:

As of 29th May 2018, TRON holds the 9th position on Coinmarketcap with a market capitalization of 3.8 billion USD (approximately), and individual coin price of $0.058 approximately. The price chart is following a moderately steep direction as the date of Mainnet launch is getting closer.

Final Thoughts:

So, based on the data garnered over the past few days, TRON seems to be heading for a fairly profitable 2018. Also, with the Mainnet launch on 31st May, speculators are expecting a gargantuan price surge. Therefore, if you are a TRX holder, it is the ideal time for holding onto it.


Source: globalcoinreport.com