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TRX Transfer speed, appreciation of TRON by Twitteratis


TRON [TRX] recently migrated from ERC20 to TRX20 tokens, and along with this, the coin was hyped up with the blockchain upgrade which introduced the launch of its MainNet. Binance resumed trading of new TRX20 tokens on 10th July, after which TRX exchanging on Binance received quite a few compliments.

Kev_TRX_4_life, a Twitter user tweeted:

“#trx – transfer speed.

Sending #trx from @binance to my tron wallet (after confirming my email) – about 3 1/2 mins
Cost: 1 trx

Sending #trx from tron wallet back to @Binance – just under 2 mins!!!
Cost: 0.1 trx

That is uhmmm… FAST!!!!!! And CHEAP!!!

Buh bye #ethereum !”

This post was retweeted by Justin Sun, the co-founder of TRON as well as the official TRON Foundation Twitter handle.

According to the tweet, the TRX user explains the effortless transaction of TRX20 tokens from Binance to the user’s wallet and from the user’s wallet back to Binance. The entire transaction as observed has been speedy as compared to the current transactional standards of the crypto-world.

B Foney, another Twitter user says:

“I’ve been messing around with transfers today also 👍🍺😁 speedy and cheep.”

Notyournanny, another crypto enthusiast said:

“Tron finally is giving the love out to its users. TRX binance <3”

TRON’s TRX20 tokens to be available on Binance. This was one of the most awaited swaps post TRON’s mainnet launch. As TRON migrated from ERC20 to TRX20, all exchanges listed the new token apart from Binance. This changed on 10th July, when Binance announced the completion of the token swap of TRX and ICX.

Binance on their official website said:

“Binance has completed the TRX and ICX mainnet swaps. Deposits and withdrawals for TRX and ICX are now open.”


Source: ambcrypto.com