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Cardano [ADA]’s roadmap to reach interoperability, stability and governance


On 2nd August, Cardano Foundation tweeted an update of its roadmap that carried the introduction of the project and their plan to move ahead. The topics discussed in the roadmap were the growth of the community, improvements required, the development phases, among others.

The Cardano roadmap consists of three principles that act as a standard guide of development for the project. The community’s growth and requirements are one of the prime focuses of Cardano. The second principle is to guard the original vision of Satoshi through a resilient network that allows distribution. Lastly, the team aims at maintaining a balance in the pace of the project, as it does not want a commercial advantage to overlap scientific developments.

Currently, the team is in its bootstrap phase called Byron. The phase is open to improvements such as coding. The Cardano official roadmap reads:

“We are currently in Byron, the bootstrap phase, where we are making improvements. These include to the code, for example in the wallet backend, and debugging. We will improve the design of Daedalus and make integration through APIs to third parties simpler.”

The community believes that the project will become more complex, interdependent and will increase its usage of ‘exotic cryptographic primitives’ throughout its phases of developments.

Post the Byron phase, Cardano will be entering the Shelley phase. Here, decentralization will be introduced into the network. The team is giving itself 18 months to work towards interoperability, stability, and governance.

According to the roadmap, IOHK’s goal is to focus on the foundation underneath the existing smart contract models. For this purpose, the science and engineering company has taken leading minds on board, who will take care of the programming and design of the smart contracts. The community believes:

“A cryptocurrency is only as good as the community behind it. We’ve been humbled by how amazing, patient and helpful our community has been. Our hope is that the roadmap is something we can build together over time and it becomes one of our strongest pillars.”

Cardano has allocated its resources to two pieces of research, which are focused on the ‘ontology of smart contracts’ and fixing the errors detected in Ethereum’s smart contracts. These researches will cover Ethereum in specific and the general foundational design of smart contracts.


Source: ambcrypto.com