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7 days left for the Tron Virtual Machine [TVM] launch; the countdown begins


Ever since Justin Sun, the Founder and CEO of Tron Foundation, announced Tron’s MainNet and Virtual Machine launch, the whole community has riled up. The foundation has consistently launched all their projects in the promised timeframe and all have so far been successful.

First, the Tron Foundation launched the TestNet on 31st March 2018 and the MainNet on 31st May 2018. The launch led to a huge buzz in the market as they were both successful. After which, the Beta version of the Tron Virtual Machine was launched on 30th July 2018. The launch of the TVM is scheduled for 30th August 2018.

According to Justin Sun, the Tron Virtual Machine will be compatible with the Ethereum Virtual Machine. This would enable the Ethereum Virtual Machine developers to go onboard with the Tron platform for ‘almost free’. Moreover, the virtual machine is going to provide the developers with a secure, efficient, stable, scalable, and convenient blockchain system.

In addition, the theory of Bandwidth is going to be applied to the Tron Virtual Machine. There is no fee imposed on the transaction operations or smart contracts. During the launch of the beta version, the CTO of Tron Foundation, Lucein announced that the Tron dApp ecosystem is going to be divided into 3 parts – Development tools, Engine Tools, and third-party tools.

The development tools are similar to Ethereum’s development tools, which include TronWeb, TronLink, TronTruffle and Tron Remix. According to the CTO, these development tools are the pre-requisites for all the developers in order to develop an entire dApp.

Along with the tools, the Foundation will also be providing the developers with 20 different game templates. The Tron Foundation will be offering the templates so that the developers can refer to them while creating their dApp.

The main aim of the foundation is to stand apart from Ethereum by enabling the developers to create more sizeable games. This also includes expanding the Tron’s ecosystem.

Tron dApps engine tools include CoCos2d, unity3d, laya, egret, and SDK. The 3rd party tool is Loom Network which is similar to Ethereum’s Loom Network. Tron’s Loom Network is set to provide the developers with a more convenient process to develop projects. The additional features include TronScan and TronGanache.

Along with the launch of the Virtual Machine, Justin Sun is also going to shed more light on Project Atlas. The project is in collaboration with BitTorrent. Furthermore, the CEO of Tron Foundation recently revealed that there are more announcements which are going to be announced in Q4.


Source: ambcrypto.com