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The Tron Token (TRX) Now Available for Tipping On Telegram


GoSeedIt, the platform that the Tron community has leveraged in spreading the news that the project has been extended to Telegram. GoSeedIt has been collaborating with the Tron network enabling the community to tip TRX, the Tron token on Twitter.

With SeedIt now supporting Telegram, the application can now be used in tipping users of Telegram. The app has been very popular among crypto enthusiast and most crypto projects ensure that they have a channel on Telegram.

A Twitter announcement by the GoSeedIt team on September 2nd stated that, “You may have heard, Airdrop and Rain are new features for #Seedit. They’re currently in Beta on Telegram. Admins of any Telegram group can now make it rain on their members!”

Users have been asked to engage the SeedIt bot @GoSeedItBot as the first step in tipping TRX. The community had earlier used Twitter to tip celebrities such as Snoop Dogg and the Pope.

Justin Sun Explains the Tron Project Atlas

Tron recently launched its Virtual Machine, an occasion in which the CEO of the network Justin Sun used to explain the latest project of the network known as Project Atlas.

The project which aims to link BitTorrent’s peer-to-peer network with the Tron network is part of the concept with which the Tron network plans to solve across platform payments and content distribution.

The Tron foundation which recently acquired BitTorrent intends to make use of the platform’s protocol while incorporating a token economy into it. According to Sun, the system will revolutionize the world.

Sun said that the inspiration from the project came from Nakamoto Satoshi himself who stated that for transferable tokens to have value that they must have monetary value and transferrable within a large network, using BitTorrent as an example.

One may be tempted to say that the Atlas Project is a fulfillment of Satoshi’s statement. The only difference may be that in the stead of proof-of-work that Satoshi envisioned, the project is protected by the dedicated proof-of-stake system (DPoS).

TRX Price

Tron Trades Sideways In the Past 24 hours

It is difficult to decipher a clear trend for TRX as the coin is down 2.29 percent trading at $0.0249. The 7-day chart shows a reversal although the coin has been ranging.  The first indication of a breakout would be any breach across the 3 cents mark which would signify a building momentum for the bulls.

The coin had a trading volume of $12,611, 213 in Binance. The seeming equilibrium is a contest with the bears that have formed inverted hammer after the bullish pressure pushed up the coin value to $0.0271 earlier on. The appearance of the engulfing candles is an indication of weakened bulls.

Ranging at $0.0271 in the supply area above the two EMA crossover and the dipping value in the demand are shows TRX in consolidation. Until a clear breakout at the upper supply or counter action at the lower demand, it is uncertain the point at which to take a position.