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Tron [TRX] reports the latest events, Chinese version of µTorrent web has been launched


On 10th September, Justin Sun the CEO and Founder of Tron foundation posted Tron’s weekly report on Twitter. The report indicated the improvements made by the foundation and it also touched upon the upgrades and developments that took place. The report released by Tron covered four aspects; Technical development, Community activities, Team and partners and market transactions.

With respect to the work completed over the course of last week, the Tron Foundation has improved its structure, the storage capacity of the Virtual Machine has been increased. The Tron mechanism also got its documents modified. The network update comprised of developing an order which guaranteed to feature the blockchain broadcasting.

There has been a lot of work in progress, Tron recently got an add-on by improving the test cases. The network also got a new feature to make Tron more secure and seamless by including UPnP design. Tron also added design multiple signature schemes into its wallet.

Recently, Tron established a partnership with an online business website C&P. This will allow fans from around the world to buy merchandises with TRX on the official WeChat Store.

On 3rd September, BitTorrent, a Chinese version of µTorrent web had been launched, which claims to provide an online storage business unit for Tron. Justin Sun unveiled Project Atlas which is the integration of Tron and BitTorrent. Their aim is to extend the rewards to peers who seed torrents and add more resources into the Tron ecosystem. The Project Atlas is designed in such a way that a new custom token will address the existing limitations of the BitTorrent network. This will allow the platform’s 100 million users to exchange value in an entirely new manner on a global scale.

Singapore based global cryptocurrency exchange firm KuCoin will support TRX exchange with ERC20 tokens. Tron was further listed in four other exchange platforms which included Changehero, Abra, CoinExMarket and Exrates.

Tron [TRX] has a market capitalization of $1.2 billion and is currently in the 13th position. From the high of $0.025 on 4th September, the coin saw a steady drop and is currently trading at $0.019. Tron has also witnessed a 1.84% decline in prices over the past 24 hours.


Source : ambcrypto.com