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Tron Community and Blockchain Network is Showing Strong Signs of Growth: Are TRX Critics Wrong?


Tron Is Working Very Well: Were The Critics Wrong About It?

Many people hated the Tron Network. It is not hard to know why. There were a lot of criticisms to be made for this project like the fact that it was more of an idea than a reality and that many people thought that the project would simply take a lot of money and fizzle under an unworkable code and lawsuits.

The project was caught plagiarizing its own white paper and code and people were predicting a complete disaster as it was overhyped and was often described as a “$14 billion USD White Paper with no product” at the time.

That does not seem to be the reality, however, as it looks like the Tron Network is actually doing pretty well right now. Justin Sun was actually able to get $75 million USD in his ICO and the truth is that, so far, Tron has been avoiding the iceberg of the crypto industry.

The Success of Tron… And The Failure of Others

Before Tron acquired BitTorrent, it was outranked by projects like Verge, Bitcoin Gold (which is shambles right now) and BitConnect. All these projects are not doing so well and Tron is still going strong.

Tron is delivering some kind of product while CoinMarketCap is quickly turning into a graveyard for poorly planned projects. Is the product actually perfect? Far from it, in reality, but the truth is that it simply does not matter.

EOS, which was another over-hyped platform, has under-performed and so is the mighty Ethereum network. EOS has been plagued by bugs and its governance has several issues. In this sea of problems, Tron is kind of doing OK.

The Tron Virtual Machine and Elections

At the moment, there is not a lot to report from the Tron Foundation. The organization was actually able to launch the Tron Virtual Machine without any huge bugs and the elections for the Super Representatives were actually very calm and free of issues.

While some problems still persist, the whole crypto market is facing a very tough time and Tron seems to be doing alright in comparison. While there is no excuse for plagiarism and Tron’s huge pre-mined coins will simply not go away, everyone who was expecting a trainwreck should be disappointed.

We are not sure whether the Tron network will ever be as relevant as Ethereum, but it seems like it has a fair shot at being at least a very decent try.


Source: bitcoinexchangeguide.com