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Cardano (ADA) Showcasing Good Numbers Following Weiss Ratings Recommendation


Mostly the analysis and recommendations concluded by Weiss Ratings are reachable only by a specific number of individuals or closed group, but almost a week ago during the bearish market it predicted a possible 10X price raise of various coins. In a surprising tweet, the team out of IOTA, NEO and XRP it mentioned Cardano‘s ADA.

If you believe market will return to its former glory, the benchmark for a 10X gain, is a 90% retracement. As of today, here are a few of top-25 coins that are at or above a 90% pullback: = 90% = 91% = 93% = 96%
These are absolute steals right now!

Following Stellar’s interstellar performance for the last week, ADA against the US Dollar is 12.49% in the green for the last 24-hours. It is trading at $0.0923 with a market capitalization of $2.3 Billion. If the current coin’s momentum and the market’s in general is kept alive, it is very possible that within the next day the pair ADA/USD is able to overcome the major $0.1000.

The positive sentiment is all over the crypto-verse. In a recent tweet, Justin Sun would postulate that the recent surge of XRP in the markets, was due to PNC Bank recognizing Ripple’s protocol. He also added that it was a sign that financial institutions will embrace blockchain.

XRP surge shows PNC Bank’s recognition of the Ripple protocol. With Bill Clinton keynoting Swell 2018, blockchain is going mainstream! As Ripple’s Greater China Chief Rep from 2014-16 and a Ripple shareholder, I’m confident financial institutions will adopt blockchain. #TRON $TRX –

For starters and the ones wanting to be more informed about Cardano and how it came to be, you can read our cover on its story and its fixes to the existing problems that cryptocurrencies are facing.


Source: ethereumworldnews.com