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Tron(TRX) Blockchain is the potential future of ICOs, can replace Ethereum (ETH) for token sales


While ICOs seems to lack their lustre these days, token sale over Tron network is increasing rapidly. Currently, there are 800+ Token Sales listed on the Tron blockchain, and they are increasing at a rate of 3-5 new token sales daily.

Why are ICOs switching to Tron from Ethereum? We at Blockmanity, try to answer what’s causing such a rapid increase in Tron token sale.

Tron is currently pushing it’s token sale feature, in order to attract more investors. The foundation is actively working on making it easier to issue custom tokens. To make it more simple to issue tokens on Tron Blockchain, the foundation has taken various steps, including,

Integration of Token Sale

The token sale is integrated with the Tron Blockchain. Every Tron wallet is automatically synced with the latest Tron Token sale, which allows Tron community member to easily take part in the Token sale, and also provides free advertisement for people looking to raise money.

Simplistic Token Creation Process

While the creation of Smart Contract requires knowledge of Solidity, Tron, on the other hand, allows the creation of token by simply using a Graphical User Interface (GUI). Creation of a token on the Tron blockchain is a 5 minutes task, and costs roughly around $20 to launch your token.

Active Community

Tron has an active community regarding a token sale. The community actively seeks out and participate in new projects, and also red flags fake/scam projects. This helps in creating a healthy community of thriving ICO projects.

Blockmanity’s Take

Tron has made it really very easy to launch and deploy tokens. Creating a token on Tron is as simple as filling a form, and the cost of deploying a token is around $20, which in turn eliminates the need for expensive smart contract developers. Tron also has an active community that is promoting token sales.

Despite all this Tron has a long way to go, as Ethereum is more established, and has some of the best minds in the Blockchain industry working on it. But ICOs who have raised money through Ethereum have seen their investment holding decrease, due to Ethereum losing 6 times it value since January 2018. Tron, on the other hand, has a huge potential for an increase in value.


Source: blockmanity.com