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TRX Won’t Slow Down, Check Out TRON’s Latest Announcements


TRON and the TRON Foundation have made very exciting progress through the start of October and continue to impress the crypto community. Granted, the value of TRX is still stagnant, however this doesn’t have any reflection on the progress of the TRON Foundation. Just because TRX is down low, it doesn’t mean the TRON team aren’t working hard in the background. TRX is down as a result of the bear market and the organic nature of this regressive market. When the markets turn round, we can hope that TRX will be one of the first cryptos to fly high. As it stands though, we can’t even begin to guess when this may happen.

If you do decide to invest in TRX, be sure to do your own research prior to investing. Make sure you only invest what you can afford to lose. Even through TRX is a great project built on a stunning platform, it’s still volatile and therefore, with investment comes an awful lot of risk.

Here are some of TRONs latest announcements

Recently, TRON have announced the launch of a new development kit, something that promises to force TRON into the smart contract realm with a bang. What this means is that TRON have developed a smart contract platform that allows smart contracts to be built to run on the TRON mainnet. Justin Sun believes that TRON smart contracts will be 200x faster than those on Ethereum and 100x faster than those on EOS, suggesting that with the launch of this kit, TRON is set to be the next big competitor to EOS and Ethereum.

One of the most important factors about the TRON development kit is that within it, smart contracts can be written in Java, a programming language that is far more user friendly than those that are currently used on Ethereum and EOS.

According to Global Coin Report:

“This is great news for developers because Tron’s technology can be developed using Java, which is among the most popular programming languages among computer engineers, as opposed to some other languages that are native and proprietary in some other platforms. It means that if you want to develop new apps in, say, Ethereum, you need to learn a new programming language that no university teaches (and that is also not very well documented in the technical literature). The preference for Java opens Tron’s doors to any competent computer programmer in the world.”


“TronWeb, as the name suggests, aims to connect web developers to the Tron network and to trade in TRX and other tokens. TronBox is a framework to develop and deploy smart contracts. TronStudio is an IDE that takes full advantage of Tron’s Virtual Machine and brings together the best features in all the other of the kit’s apps. TronGrid is inspired by Ethereum’s Infura and it allows the development and release of decentralized apps and smart contracts.”

Yes, this is another fantastic announcement, one that is promising to really push TRON and TRX. They are working very hard to prepare for the future and overall, it’s rare to see such a passion for innovation within cryptocurrency projects. We also must remember that TRON is only one year into their story; they have a long way to go yet have each and every step planned out as far as the year 2026 and even beyond.

Tron's Roadmap For The Year

In addition to the launch of the TRON development kit, BitTorrent have also made quite a big announcement too. This is relevant to TRON of course, as this year Justin Sun, the founder of TRON went ahead and purchased BitTorrent. This is in line with TRON’s aim to totally decentralise the web. By improving and decentralising the BitTorrent service, Sun hopes that through TRON, BitTorrent will become the centre of a decentralised file sharing internet, one day.

In their recent announcement, BitTorrent have announced the launch of BitTorrent Web, a platform that works online in Windows that allows users to watch and consume content whilst it is being downloaded. Traditionally in BitTorrent and other file sharing programmes, users must wait for their content to download before they can use it. However, through the use of a new web client, BitTorrent Web allows users to ‘stream’ content whilst it is being downloaded, meaning there’s no more waiting around for downloads to finish.


Source: cryptodaily.co.uk