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Tron [TRX] Foundation and Justin Sun announce a new partnership event


On 16th October, the Tron Foundation, which is the parent organization of the 11th largest cryptocurrency in the world announced an airdrop event for the community. This is at the onset of a collaboration between the Tron ecosystem and Bitbox – a cryptocurrency exchange and wallet. In its official Twitter announcement, the foundation wrote:

“Welcome to @LINE_Global’s cryptocurrency LINK and its listing to @bitbox_official! To celebrate, #TRON is organizing an airdrop! Get your hands on these $TRX. More info here 👉https://linecorp.com/en/pr/news/global/2018/22 …👈 $LN”

The cryptocurrency token called LINK [LN] is launched by Line Corporation and will be able to be traded on Bitbox soon, in pair with Bitcoin [BTC], Ethereum [ETH] and Tether [USDT]. Here, Bitbox shared that it will be launching a special airdrop event for the userbase. Tron has acknowledged itself as the participant and partner for the airdrop held on the occasion of this listing.

Currently, the acquired LINK tokens can be utilized only within dApps but will soon be available on more channels.

Regarding the launch, the Founder of Tron Foundation, Justin Sun welcomed Line Corporation into the cryptocurrency community and wrote:

“Glad to see more leading companies adopting #blockchain and its technologies! We welcome @LINE_Global’s commitment and look forward to working closely with their team on further product integration. Enjoy $TRX airdrop on @bitbox_official!”

Last week, he also piqued the interest of many by announcing of a secret partnership on his Twitter handle. The news received much buzz with many community members drawing speculations on the name involved in the new partnership.

One of the biggest acquisitions that Tron has been able to achieve is when it took over BitTorrent. A Japanese platform called ODaily wrote that the secret partnership involves the Google version of China, Baidu browser. However, Tron and Baidu, neither of the parties have confirmed of any such news till date.

Source: ambcrypto.com