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Tron [TRX] releases weekly report; Binance’s CZ appreciates Tron’s $3 million donation to BCF


Recently, the leader of the Tron community, Justin Sun, posted Tron’s weekly report on Twitter. The report covered various updates, which included technical development, developer community updates, partnerships, and market transactions.

The structure of the Tron ecosystem witnessed certain changes where the index of the solidity node was optimized. In addition, an index switch was added as a part of technical development. In terms of the smart contract, the Tron Virtual Machine [TVM] execution process was optimized along with improvements made in TVM’s performance.

Additionally, Tron’s team is working on adding the BFT consensus mechanism to the ecosystem.

In the Developer’s community, the Easy-Trade development has entered phase 3 as scheduled by the community. They have scaled up the TronGrid to support all the users and developers who are using the Tron network and its dApps. In addition, 33 cryptocurrency exchange platforms have completed Version 3.1.2 upgrade.

They have further added a cost comparison documentation, a helpful reference for developers to compare the cost between deploying smart contracts of different sizes. They have also been working on adding more details to the documentation. Last Trip, a game developed by WuXiao, has also been released on TRON MainNet.

Justin Sun posted on Twitter that the Oracle blockchain team had recently visited the TRON Foundation. The two sides have reportedly been discussing future cooperation opportunities. Furthermore, Tron had recently launched the Tron dApp House, an app store for dApps, allowing users to view and try all the dApps developed.

At the UN World Investment Forum, Blockchains for Sustainable Development session, Changpeng [CZ] Zhao, CEO of Binance stated that blockchain could help to solve the transparency issue among the UN Sustainable Development Goals [SDGs], and BCF was a good example. CZ also showed appreciation to TRON for its $3 million donation to BCF.


Source: ambcrypto.com