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Tron [TRX]’s Justin Sun: “We have reached all our milestones without FUD and Shill”


In a recent interview, Justin Sun, the founder and CEO of the Tron [TRX] spoke about the future prospects of the Tron Foundation, the recently acquired BitTorrent and the much talked about Project Atlas.

Speaking to Coincentral, the Chief Executive Officer was candid in stating that the world of cryptocurrencies was evolving as a whole and that he was excited to be a part of it. He stated:

“For me, perfecting current technology and our community is the foundation of a project. No matter how the price change, we are not going to stop improving user experience and TRON ecosystem.”

Justin Sun also stated that Tron has reached this far without influencing the market in any negative way, unlike some other networks. He revealed that the Foundation was investing a lot in the Research and Development initiatives of the cryptocurrency spectrum with the main aim of propagating mainstream adoption.

The discussion with the Tron official also covered the company’s unorthodox approach of focusing on the marketing aspect of the company rather than a smart contract approach. In Sun’s words:

“To be valuable, a network needs great technology, use cases, and users. By partnering with established companies such as LINE, Binance etc. our company gets more use cases for its holders, co-develops new technologies, and reach more people.”

The founder was full of praise from Binance’s Charity Foundation initiative, calling it a really effective program. Justin Sun’s involvement with the charity program was also appreciated by the CEO of Binance, Changpeng Zhao, when he said:

“Personally, I believe that with better transparency, we can have 100 times better results. Moving money to deal with social problems is also another way to increase adoption. The sheer number of people who have donated to the BCF is also amazing, and I would like to thank Justin Sun who donated $3 million to this cause.”

According to Justin Sun, the BitTorrent acquisition is a step to bring in more blockchain based incentives to the masses. He went on to say:

“Since its creation, the BitTorrent protocol had a system of incentives built into its core processes. BitTorrent users can choose to upload data to users that upload faster to them. Prior to the acquisition in July 2018, BitTorrent’s R&D team was already researching ways to add blockchain-based incentives to the BitTorrent protocol.”

The Project Atlas has also been hailed as a way to empower creators and to make sure that credit is given where it is due. The company has also pitched a dedicated workforce to integrate Project Atlas into the cryptocurrency world.