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TRON (TRX) Sets New Record


According to a recent tweet by Misha Lederman, the co-founder of IAmDecentralized, TRON (TRX) has set a new record in terms of daily transactions.

On November 3, the total number of daily transactions on the cryptocurrency’s network was 996,041, which is a new record.

TRON recently partnered with JOYSO, a hybrid decentralized trading platform for cryptocurrencies which reduces the risk of being hacked and provide users with cost-efficient trading. The platform offers off-chain matching and on-chain settlement of real-time trading mechanisms.

JOYSO’s CTO, Will Hsieh commented on the partnership:

“TRON’s blockchain provides a conducive environment for token issuers where it is affordable and user friendly. This will attract more users to join TRON’s ecosystem and boost its token economy. With our expertise, JOYSO is able to provide a safe and simple solution for exchanging of tokens on different blockchain hence creating a more sustainable network.”

TRON’s largest blockchain team, Team Tronics recently held an event in New York. The event started off with Drew Wise, the Co-founder and Team Leader of Team Tronics, introducing himself as well as the team:

“I’m Drew Wise, the Team Leader and Co-founder of Team Tronics and I just want to say thank you again for coming out and TRON, for helping promote this event. We’ve got a lot coming. Team Tronics was found in April 2018. We are a group of community members who came together to represent TRON and really grow TRON […] We are the largest community team and we are a mobile team. Since we are mobile, we have created an international community in which we focus on strengthening and promoting the TRON blockchain.”

Briefing everyone about the changes and developments in Team Tronics, he said:

“We have a new logo […] and a new domain for our website which is tronics[dot]io. We have a new team structure—we are a global, decentralized team so we all work together to really push TRON to higher heights. We will have a new, updated website very soon […] and projects in development.”

He then informed everyone about the vision and mission of the team:

“Our mission is to drive a strong network. We are a group of very passionate Tronics and we want to drive adoption and to raise awareness about TRX. I believe that education is a key step forward for blockchain and cryptocurrency adoption. We have been contributors since Testnet and we have really really grown a lot since then. Our vision is to be the most influential blockchain community in the world. We want to build an ecosystem which benefits the users and gives them the best experience on the internet.”

Talking about their plans for the future, he said:

“We are looking forward to TRON blockchain and we are looking to working together with other SRs to build the best ecosystem possible. We want to grab developers from other existing platforms and bring them to TRON blockchain. We want to build the strongest project on the TRON network.”

Recently, the cryptocurrency was added to HyperPay, the multi-currency payment solution. It is just one of the many platforms to which the cryptocurrency has been added. The team behind the cryptocurrency is trying hard to push the cryptocurrency forward.

The activity from the community’s end is overwhelming since the cryptocurrency has not only gained support for its own projects but has also gained support for the community’s own projects. Having Super Representatives has helped the cryptocurrency muster the support of the community as well. The cryptocurrency has seen a lot of growth over the years. It would come as no surprise if TRX rises further in the future.