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Tron Releases Weekly Update: Tron’s Global Business is Expanding


Tron’s weekly update covering the period from Oct. 27th to Nov. 2nd was published on Nov. 5th, and it is filled with new records and prospects of a brighter future. The update highlights the major events for the week and lists Tron as the most mentioned blockchain project on Twitter, ahead of Bitcoin Cash and Ethereum. Most importantly, the update shows how Tron is continuing to push the envelope as it tries to be one of the best-decentralized protocols in the world.

Latest Developments

Tron’s technical development team completed the testing of “memory database optimization and transaction priority, optimized the TVM cache, and added records for Internal Transaction in TransactionInfo.” The team is still working on “Test Internal Transaction and transaction tree design and partial development.”

TRX’s popularity is confirmed by the growing number exchanges listing it on their trading platforms. Tron will soon be added to a new cryptocurrency exchange, Coinsuper, and open TRX/BTC and TRX/ETH trading pairs. The exchange was launched in Hong Kong at the end of February in 2018.

The biggest highlight of the week was Tron’s “new record of its daily transaction number, with the transactions reaching over $900,000.”

Hyperpay wallet now supports Tron. The wallet is best described as:

“The world’s first digital wallet with on-chain and off-chain functionalities, dedicated to integrating personal finance.”

Another wallet, Trustpay, also supports Tron. The wallet is an app running on both iOS and Android devices and allows users to manage their cryptocurrencies. In addition:

“Binance will work with Trust wallet to help all connected tokens and MainNet coins use Trust wallet, and provide simple and secure services to their users.”

Tron and JOYSO signed a partnership to develop a hybrid DEX on the Tron network. The new deal will “contribute to the sound and sustainable development of the Tron ecosystem as a whole.” The Beta version of TronWatch, a fully-featured DEX developed by the Tron community was also released during the week.

The developer community was active as it was visited by more than 12,000 people in the past month. The October meetup in San Francisco was held successfully, followed up by the release of TRONpay.

Community hackers were rewarded $3,000 for releasing vulnerability reports.

In the Media

On the occasion of Halloween, TRON global users can share TRON-related Halloween elements” on selected social media platforms and the “five most creative participants” will win 6666 TRX.

A South Korean publication reported that “on October 24th, Tron surpassed three generations of cryptocurrencies (BTC, ETH, XRP) in daily transaction volume.” Tron MainNet daily transaction volume surpassed 900,000 transactions per second (TPS) while BTC, ETH, XRP recorded 259,638; 537,236; and 385,276 TPS respectively.

CoinTrendz.com ranked TRX as the most mentioned cryptocurrency on Twitter, ahead of Bitcoin Cash and Ethereum. Bitcoin Cash has been in the news because of its upcoming fork.


Source: blokt.com