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Tron [TRX]’s Justin Sun reveals mainnet account surpasses 600,000; Tronics excited


On November 16, Justin Sun, the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Tron revealed that the mainnet accounts on the Tron network had surpassed 600,000.

Tron also announced that this remarkable feat occurred in 143 days which has excited users and investors alike. Troy, a Twitter user stated:

“@justinsuntron  You have an army behind you! We will double that number in no time. Tron Dex Bull run!”

Tron had also made news recently when it crossed the 4 million mark in terms if block height. The blocks on a blockchain network are important because of the storage facility it provides. The first block of a blockchain is called the genesis block. YOTCOIN, a Twitterati stated:

“Living up to what the believers in Blockchain would like to believe in. p2p economy.”

Tron added another feather to its cap when TRX was recently listed on Blockport, a popular cryptocurrency exchange that provides transactional services in Euro. Blockport had announced:

“Of equal importance is that Tron’s European community will now have direct access to the TRX token through our user-friendly exchange and trading platform.”

Justin Sun’s development roster has clearly made an impact when the Blockchain Activity Matrix given by Blocktiity put Tron fourth on the list. The listing was even more special for Tronics as it was ahead of Bitcoin [BTC] on the list. The Blocktivity listing came in the wake of Tron’s partnership with NeoWorld, an online game. NeoWorld had stated:

“Here in the 3D virtual environment, players explore new frontiers, create skylines, pursue careers and build wealth, legends and legacies from scratch, just like in the real world. NeoWorld is a social platform where players could not only chat and have fun but also establish an amazing network of business or personal connections, maybe even forge a community and run for election.”

Source: ambcrypto.com