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Tron Becomes One of the First to Receive the Binance Info Gold Label


The Binance Info Gold Label Project, a unique initiative by the largest cryptocurrency exchanges in the world, seeks to provide more information about credible blockchain companies. One of the first few invites for the project has been sent to Tron, which has now become one of the earliest members of the initiative.

What Will the Listing Bring to Tron?

As a part of the Gold Label Project, information about Tron’s team members, real-time trading data, distribution of tokens and other news related to Tron will be readily available to the users. The entire platform is designed to help users get accurate and comprehensive crypto market news and be informed about the latest data and project analysis.


What Is the Gold Label Project About?

The Binance Info Gold Label Project aims to separate the grain from the chaff in the crypto markets. It will provide timely updates about credible projects to its users and create a comprehensive pool of information they could use.

The project also aims to improve transparency in the blockchain community. It suggests that several smaller projects have a daily volume of less than $100 and some others refuse to share information about their project. Therefore, Binance is offering Gold Label badges to projects that keep the community updated and informed.

The first round of initiation for the 100 top cryptocurrency projects started on November 26. Blockchain projects can submit their applications to be considered by the Binance team. Till date, Binance Info has listed over 1,200 coins and tokens on the platform and connects the users will over 1,500 pieces of third-party project rating reports.


Source: blokt.com