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Cardano (ADA) Plans to Bring Up a New Roadmap, Stay Tuned!


The crypto industry is evolving and Cardano (ADA) is also planning to come up with some new strategy on the Cardano blockchain network. As per the recent update by ADA community, they will soon be announcing their new roadmap which will bring up changes in their projects and new decisions will be taken by the core team of ADA network.  

Following the statement, Cardano will be releasing a thrilling new roadmap which will decide the fiat of ADA network and its 2020 vision. They will be updating the Cardano community regarding their new roadmap after the IOHK Summit, which held in mid-April.  

The CEO of the company, Charles Hoskinson will explain the objective of the Cardano (ADA). The new roadmap will be launched based on a new idea and will expose the aim to achieve their milestone.  

The users of Cardano may be surprised by this news because many of their users were satisfied with this roadmap. But at the same moment, they will be anxious to know the new perspective of Cardano blockchain. Cardano might not bring some huge changes, for instance, the may not change their basic perspective which is they work on a scientific philosophy.  

About two weeks from today (11th February 2019), Nathan Kaiser, chairperson of Cardano Foundation, will be taking part in a fireside chat with Trust Square on 26th February. Nathan will discuss Cardano Foundation goals and role within the Cardano project and the wider industry. He will further be explaining his role within the Cardano network and explain that what they will be coming up with their joint partners Emurgo and IOHK. 

Since the very beginning, Cardano (ADA) has been one of the promising crypto projects. Charles Hoskinson is very confident and looks courageous for the ADA network. There has been a lot of FUD among the crypto community that has Hoskinson left Cardano or not? In a tweet, he confirmed that he is going nowhere and criticized those who are spreading this false news. 

Hoskinson was very ignited and said, “To the idiots and FUDsters, I have not left IOHK or Cardano. Being an advisor for a project does not mean that I am abandoning or slowing down upon existing commitments. It is unbelievable the garbage being said on telegram and reddit. Cardano is my primary passion and work. 

The way Cardano has been passionate about their project, in the coming time it will be highly regarded by the crypto community. The main focus of users will be on the new update of their roadmap and from that, they will be in a better state to decide the worth of ADA. If they come up will some really big plans, we can see it go very high in the market and it can make the day for the short-term investors. 

Examining the current situation of the market, Cardano (ADA) was trading with a rise in its price about 2.55% in the last 24 hours. Its current price was $0.041 USD and had a trading volume of $24 million, with a market cap of above $1 billion.  


Source: cryptoglobalist.com