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Tron Society’s TronBlocks to revolutionize how people see crypto wallets


The Tron Society is a community made up of people who are passionate about Trons’ project. They want to expand the community and bring blockchain technology closer to the mainstream. It’s one of the Tron’s network Super Representatives (the nodes that come up with new blocks for the chain), and it wants everybody to join in.

The Tron Society has many goals. One of them is to make the Tron community grow. Also, to develop more decentralized applications in the Tron network and expand its infrastructure. But, how does the Society does this? What is the point?

It starts with community growth. The Society is active in many platforms (Tron’s mainly) so that all users are kept up to date all the time. Tron has already many enthusiastic supporters, but it’s all about welcoming “strangers” who have never been involved with blockchain technology or networks. That’s how they create a society, that becomes an even bigger community.

Then there are the decentralized applications. The community includes many excellent developers and programmers, so creating new dApps is critical. To give you just a single example, there’s Marius Gill who wrote the code for the Tron Wallet for Android and won the Tron programming contest

A new Tron wallet is also in development for iOS.

The foundation is also trying to expand Tron’s infrastructure. The network will grow, and there will be new nodes all over the planet, and that will make the network more reliable.

Among the many projects supported by the Tron Society is TronBlocks
TronBlocks includes a multifunctional digital wallet designed for the Tron network. It allows you to create, or import or watch your wallet and a safe method to store your private keys. It will display balances, filter your tokens (TRC10 and TRC20 tokens, which are tokens based on TRX).

An exchange is integrated into the technology, and it will even allow you to vote for Tron’s Super Representatives.

For the future, Tron Blocks will develop an iOS version and premium features for both Android and iOS users. It will also make a block explorer available and offer desktop apps.

You can follow Tron Blocks’ Twitter at https://twitter.com/Tronblocks so you can get all the relevant information about Tron and the Society.

The Android app already has 50.000 users who have downloaded it and installed it in their mobiles.

So what are you waiting for? If you’re a Tron fan, this is the app you should have on your phone. You won’t regret it; you’ll be able to keep track of the coin and many exciting apps in the network.

As we write this, TRX is trading at USD 0.032389, and it’s ranked at the 10th place by market capitalization. Only a few days ago, it was at 12th, so it’s growing and succeeding.

If you’re not interested yet on Tron, or the Tron Society or Tron Blocks, you should be. Have a lookout for these projects, you won’t regret it.


Source: www.tronweekly.com